Dead Space 2 Entry

Isaac was working his way down an alley.  It was the middle of the night.  The clouds obscured what little moonlight there was.  It didn’t matter as his helmet had night vision built in.  It bathed the world in an eerie green glow, but allowed him to survive when others had stumbled blindly into the clawed arms of death.  He was heading towards the space port.  Hopefully there would be a ship that he could salvage so he could get off this miserable planet.

Just then, something moved in his peripheral vision.  He stopped and checked his weapon.  The clip was fresh and the safety was off.  He did a quick scan of the alley as he inched forward.  There were dumpsters lined along the wall on his left and garbage strewn everywhere.  Isaac could see the end of the alley 20 meters ahead.  He picked up his pace when something fell from the roof in front of him.

It screamed and slammed into him with enough impact to knock the wind out of him.  The necromorph was shrieking as it wrapped its clawed arms around him, pinning his arms to his sides.  He had dropped his weapon and was staring into the face of imminent death.  He was tired, tired of running and being scared.  He had been through too much to die here.  He looked into the thing’s hideous face and reared his head back.  He brought the point of his helmet crashing into the creature’s face, smashing it with a wet crunching sound.  The monster’s grip loosened.  He brought his head back and bludgeoned the necromorph’s broken and bleeding face with his helmet twice more, cracking the thing’s skull open to let the pulpy contents slide out and slap wetly on the ground.  The thing stumbled backwards and Isaac’s arms were freed. His visor was splattered with blood, but he couldn’t give up his advantage now.  He grabbed each of its arms as it fell backwards and planted his foot on the creature’s chest.  Using its own momentum to slam it into the ground with his foot, he now stood with one foot on top of the creature.  A small shriek gurgled out of the monster’s throat as Isaac began to pull on its arms.  He felt as much as he heard its shoulders snap out of socket with a wet snap.  He strained and continued to pull as the weak tendons strained and eventually tore in half.  Blood poured from the crudely amputated limbs and the torso they were once attached to.

The Necromorph spasmed in its death throes.  Blood began to pool around the creature as Isaac looked down on it.  He dropped the thing’s arms and picked up his own weapon.  No, he would not die here.