App of the Week: IGN

This week, we take a look at IGN.  IGN has been around for quite some time, providing reviews and video on everything game related.  I was a huge fan, checking their site on a daily basis.  Then is became cluttered and a pain to navigate.  Everything seemed a little slanted, so I moved on.  I had toyed around with a few other sites, but over time they all fell into the same traps that IGN had.

Then came the IGN app for Windows Phone.  It gives me what I loved about IGN and made it super easy to read on the go.  I can read all of their top stories, reviews, and watch the latest videos.  All without going to their mess of a site.  Oh, and it also tells my lazy self what games are coming out next.  Best of all?  It's free.

So if you have a video game obsession like I do, do yourself a favor and get this app.  Odds are, you'll find yourself checking it 2-3 times a day like I do.