Getting Back My PSN Account

The PSN outage had very little effect on me as I don't own a PS3.  However, I do own a PSP (1000 for the win).  Sooner or later I would need to gain access to my account.  Today is the day.

I first had to obtain an update for my PSP (version 6.38).  I swear there's a new update for this thing every other day.  While my battery charges (haven't used it in months), I'm going about getting my PSN account back.

I attempted to sign in and received a message that I have to reset my password.  Within minutes, the password reset email is in my inbox.  I entered the characters in a captcha and chose my new password.  I accepted the new terms of the agreement and I'm in.  If only my PSP would take a charge this quickly.

Since I'm late to this party, this was a relatively painless process for me.  If you plan on getting back into the swing of things with Sony, it's a necessary step but thankfully easy one.

Still waiting for that battery to charge though...