WoW Goes Free to Play!

World of Warcraft goes free to play...until level 20.  Trial accounts are no longer limited to 14 day trials.  Anyone that has created a trial account can access it once again and play it until they hit that level cap.  All you need is an Internet connection and a account.

To sweeten to pot some more, Blizzard has combined World of Warcraft and its first expansion, The Burning Crusade, into one package for $19.99.  This also applies to player who never purchased TBC.  Players can now venture into Outland without paying the original cost of the expansion.

So who wants to jump back onto the digital crack pony?

BJ Wentkers' Mushroom Swiss Burger

Place: BJ Wentkers
Location: Burlington, WI
Burger:Mushroom Swiss Burger
Ingredients: Half pound of Angus beef grilled to temp.  Swiss Cheese, Mushroom, Bacon

I've heard nothing but good things about BJ Wentkers.  I'll admit that I set my expectations a little high.  Walking in, I was blown away by the decor.  The door acted as a portal to the past and I instantly felt as if I had stepped into the early 1900's.  This was a fantastic first impression.  Any time I try a new restaurant, I abide by the rule that the burger will define it.  If a place of dining cannot get a burger right, I don't hold much hope for the rest of the menu.

After an substantial wait, the burger was placed before me.  It looked delicious.  Could it be?  A burger outside of chain restaurant that is halfway decent?  Yes and no.  The burger itself had taste to it.  The mushrooms and Swiss were blending well enough with the bacon.  But the grease was there, waiting for me.  After holding the burger momentarily, the grease came pouring out.  If this hadn't been a greasy burger that reduced the lightly toasted buns to mush, this would have been a fairly decent burger.

On the Side: Delicious crispy fries.  Only a few had to be sacrificed to build a barrier.

Three out of five stars

App of the Week: Manga 7

I grew up on comics.  The first comic I read was Spider-Man vs the Kingpin. The fat bastard suffocated a guy between his rolls.  Early on, the artistic styling of manga attracted me to the genre.  So much so that I began changing my own art style at the age of 12.  

Since getting my Windows Phone and seeing the Comixology app for iOS, I've been yearning for a great comic reader.  Manga 7 is all that and more.  All for the low, low price of free.

Manga 7 has a fantastic collection of the most popular manga on the market.  Each series has the full collection, ready to read to little to no load time.  There is the option to skip to anywhere in the book using a slider and swiping from page to page is a breeze.  The only issue I have isn't a problem with the app itself.  Phones weren't meant for extensive reading.  It's like staring at a 4" light bulb.  It's not too long before your eyes are screaming bloody murder.  

In the end, this is a perfect way for me to read through my favorite series without have to spend a fortune or living like a hobo in a book store.  Plus, there's plenty of series I can give a test read without a loss.  It's well worth the space if you're a fan of the genre or comics in general.