App of the Week: MTG: Helper Lite

Name: MTG: Helper Lite
Cost:  Free
Description: "MTG Helper Lite is a free application for the Magic enthusiast."

MTG: Helper Lite is a fantastic app that consolidates all the odds and ends of Magic: The Gathering.  Included in the app are a Die Roller, Round Timer, Life Tracker, Chaos Magic, Useful Tools, Me, and Turn Phases guide.

Die Roller allows you to set the amount of dice and roll to your heart's content.  Or until you get something that will let you win.

Round Timer will keep track of your current game's time and can be customized for any amount of time you need.  Just set the timer, watch the clock tick down or check to see what time the game is scheduled to end.

Life Tracker can track the life of up to six players.  You can set each player's names and the amount of starting life.  There is the option to show general damage and poison counters.  So the headache of keeping track in an Emperor game full of Elf and Cleric Decks just became more tolerable.

Chaos Magic spices up the game if you've grown tired of regular rule sets.  It employs a new set of rules at the beginning of the game and at the start of each player's turn.  These rules can drastically change any aspect of the game and will keep even the most hardened veteran's on their toes.

Useful Tools includes a number of features.  Quick Card Search allows you to search for any card in Magic's catalog.  Gatherer directs you to a site where the graphic and description for each card is displayed.  Price Check will tell you the current value of the card you'r searching for.  Round Calculator will display the recommended number of rounds for eight players and up.

Me will allows you to check on your ranking in the competitive world of Magic and that of any other player.  Handy for the professional or serious Magic player.

Finally, Turn Phases lays out how to play the game in a simple no nonsense guide.

For anyone interested in getting started in Magic: The Gathering to even the most experienced player, this app is extremely useful.  Best of all is that it's free, so there's no excuse not to pick it up.