BJ Wentkers' Bacon Cheddar Burger

Place: BJ Wentkers
Location: Burlington, WI
Burger: Bacon Cheddar Burger
Ingridients: 1/2 lb Angus beef, cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, onion, tomato

I was hesitant on my return trip to BJ Wentkers, since my last foray was mediocre.  This visit proved to be more fruitful and the burger more delicious.

This time around, the grease issue was almost non-existent.  Only a few drops hit the plate and this was a tolerable amount.  The burger itself was rich and juicy with each ingredient complimenting one another the way a classically built burger should.  The only minor complaint with the toppings was with the tomatoes.  They were a little past their prime and a bit soft.  Still tasty, but lacking the proper texture.  The burger itself held up well when compared to the Mushroom Swiss, but towards the end, the bun suffered the same type of meltdown.  It seems that the bun may have been toasted too long as it fell apart in my hands towards the last third.  Minor complaints to an otherwise serviceable burger.

On the side: Delicious seasoned fries

Three out of five stars