Soul Calibur V's New Ninja

Project Soul's Daishi Odashima revealed on Twitter, the soul entering the fray in this 16 year old series.

Soul Cailbur V is set 17 years after Soul Calibur 4 and is rumored to be infusing some new blood and retiring some of the older cast.  This new character is the first of two teased a few weeks ago.  She closely resembles fan favorite Taki and may be an apprentice or offspring.

Everything is speculation at this point.  I just hope she's not a reskin of Taki.  But the two Kunai and outfit paint a grim picture.  Much as Siegfried was to Nightmare, Astaroth to Rock, Cassandra to Sophitia, and on and on, Soul Calibur loves cloning characters.  Sure they eventually flesh them out, but nearly every character has a twin that plays nearly identical.  Still, I'm excited for the next entry in my favorite fighting series.