Achievement Hunter: Borderlands

I've never been big on achievement hunting.  Some of the achievements require an absurd amount of time, dedication, and skill.  Achievements aren't why I play games, but they have a nice pop-up that says I did something cool.

For whatever reason, I've decided that I need all of the achievements in Borderlands.  I have a bulk of them already.  1515 of 1750 gamerscore and 70 of the 80 achievements.  The remaining achievements are daunting.  Some even consider them the hardest to obtain.  They are: The Angelic Ruins, The Gully, Big Tournament, Completionist, Tourist, The Collector, The Lubricator, Bobble-Trap, It's so Realistic, and What a Party!

I've already completed one third of "Big Tournament".  It took nearly three hours.  Completionist requires completing each mission in the General Knoxx expansion.  The other involve collecting rare random drops in the Clap Trap expansion.

It's going to take a lot of work, but this has become a challenge that I must conquer.  Will I focus on another game after I complete Borderlands?  Doubtful.  Though I hear Bullet Witch and Soul Calibur IV calling out to me.