App of the Week: WoW Armory

Name: WoW Armory
Cost: Free
Description: With this app, you always have your characters with you.  Show other your new item that you just got or view the characters of your friends or guild mates.

This app was released back in November of 2010.  It was in shambles then.  Saved characters wouldn't load, the interface was terrible, and it didn't provide enough information to be worth the hassle.  The recent batch of updates have fixed all of this.

I love MMORPGs and WoW is one of my favorites.  My characters are like my virtual children.  Each and every one of them are very dear to me.  This app gives me the ability to check my characters and show them off to others.  Now, I can view 3D models of their gear and check out the list of full stats.  Plus there's an addition that shows realm status.  Very handy during patch days.

There is a plethora of information to be had.  Stats, rep, talents, professions, item level,'s all there.

My only complaint is that you still can't view character models.  Sure you can view the gear models, but I want to display my characters in all of their glory.  I would also appreciate a listing of mounts and companions owned. Collectors like me like to show off their collections.

For an unofficial app, this one is fantastic.  Until Blizzard releases an app of their own, this will be the one that sees the most use.  If you're even a casual fan of WoW, this app is a must have.