Fall Is in the Air

You can feel it when you wake up.  You can smell it in the air.  There is a chill to the mornings and a fog on the windows.  Fall is coming.

I love fall.  It is, without a doubt, the greatest season.  Summer may have beach season, but it also has unbearable heat and humidity.  Winter has sledding and snow angels, but they come with frostbite and shoveling. Spring comes close, but loses to the awe inspiring colors of the trees and Halloween.

There's a fundamental shift that occurs when autumn arrives.  Out come the warm, comfortable clothes.  Days are spent walking through parks marveling at the natural beauty.  Hot cocoa and pumpkin spiced coffee make their return.  The chill air has a refreshing, invigorating quality to it.

It makes me excited and I eagerly await the turning of the leaves.  Tell me dear readers, what is it that you enjoy most about this season?