App of the Week: Star Wars Trivia

Name: Star Wars Trivia
Cost: Free
Description: A complete Star Wars trivia game with over 500 questions on all the Star Wars saga.

What is the name of the droid that attached Luke's prosthetic hand?  How many non-droid bouny hunters were on the deck of Darth Vader's ship in The Empire Strikes back?  Find the answers to these questions and hundreds more with this free app.

As a long time fan of all things Star Wars and all things useless trivia, I've fallen in love with this app.  Simply pick a movie and do your best to answer a series of 10 multiple choice questions.  I consider myself a big Star Wars geek who knows more than I should and I found myself getting stumped on quite a few occasions.  This is a perfect time killer for trips or any down time you may find.