Getting Call of Duty Elite to Work

Call of Duty Elite is the premier service launched in conjunction with Modern Warfare 3 that allows players to track their stats, view and manage videos, enter competitions, etc.  You can use the service for free or pay $50 a year to become a premium member and gain early access to DLC, manage a clan, and more.  Elite in many ways is similiar to or Waypoint for the Halo series.  However, the console app has been plagued with problems since release.  The developer cites an overwhelming demand that has caused many of the outages experienced.

I also have had a difficult time logging into the app on my Xbox 360.  For the first few days, it would say that the servers are full and to try again later.  The past week has presented an endless loop of accepting the EULA.  Last night, I found a way around it.

1.  Head to

2.  Click the banner that says "Join up for free"

3.  Follow the steps for creating your account and linking your Xbox Live/PSN accounts

Once you've completed all of the steps, you should be able to launch the console app without difficulties.  This is what I had done and as of last night at 12:30, I was still able to launch the app without any problems.