New Soul Calibur 5 Screenshots Surface

In the latest batch released, we see the familiar faces of Yoshimitsu and Cervantes.  There's also a few shots of the new stages.  

The stages appear to be Ivy's alchemy lab, an underground river, and a ship at sea.  Two of the three are popular stages that have appeared in nearly every game. 

We're also introduced to new characters, Xiba and Aeon.  Xiba seems to be the spiritual successor to Kilik.  If Xiba ends up being the new Kilik, I don't look forward to fighting him 90% of the time online.  Aeon is a new winged version of Lizardman.  Said wings appear to help launch an aerial flame breathing attack.Cervantes is looking rather healthy for an ancient undead pirate.  And Yoshimitsu continues to impress with his imaginative costumes.