Skyrim is the latest smash hit from Bethesda.  In the first week, the game sold 7 million copies.  It is a serious contender for game of the year among many publications and critics.  Every other site online is covering it and people are only too eager to share their experiences.  It seems that everyone is loving the shit out of this game and I just don't get it.

I see the excitement for Skyrim.  I can feel it while reading the feeds.  It's almost palpable.  It's even greater than the love the community had for Oblivion IV.  I hated Oblivion IV.  It is the only game that I've returned.  To be exact, I played the game for a few hours and desperately tried to like it, but it wasn't in the cards.  From the hideous NPCs to the poor translation of first person medieval warfare and the bland empty world, I hated every moment.
Oh sweet Jesus!  Get me a stick so I can beat this mutant!
This was a game that seemed perfect on the outside.  Ever since I was introduced to the fantasy genre, I've been under its spell.  Neverwinter Nights to Dragon Age: Origins with some Baldur's Gate in between, I can't get enough.  With all the hype around surrounding Oblivion and after reading the reviews and watching trailers, I was convinced I had found the next great fantasy game.  I've never been more disappointed.

I feel conflicted.  I read about all of these people having a great time playing Skyrim.  Be they taunting giants or unleashing all kinds of hell with Dragon Grammar, it looks like a blast.  I want to join them.  I want to go on an epic adventure.  Sadly, I must keep my distance, lest I get burned again.  I must resist the siren's call.  Though, it's hard to do when I see videos like this.