Double Decker Burger

Place: ?
Location: Twin Lakes, WI
Burger: Double Decker Burger
Ingredients: Lettuce, tomato, American cheese

The place I went to was the perfect example of a mid-western diner.  Booths lined the walls underneath stuffed fish and ducks.  The decor was generic and twenty years out of date.  It's a place that only locals will know and visit as evidenced by the place having no online presence.  Be it Google, Bing, or Yellow Pages, I could not find any information other than a blurry photo with "Restaurant" and "Pizza" on the signs.

The burger itself was nothing special.  It was average, neither lacking or excelling in flavor.  It was exactly what one would expect when ordering a burger in a place like this.  The lettuce and tomato were fresh and crisp.  The lightly toasted bun was a nice touch and the meat did not rain grease on the plate, something that puts this burger above many others in the area.

On the side:  Bland, average, crisp fries

Three out of five stars