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Release Calendar: February 2012

February 01: Rhythm Party  (360) February 03: Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle  (PS3, PC, Wii, DS) NeverDead  (PS3, 360) February 07: Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning  (PS3, PC, 360) The Darkness 2  (PS3, 360) Combat Wings: The great Battles of WWII  (PS3, 360, PC) Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations  (360, PS3) Inversion  (PC) Resident Evil Revelations  (3DS) Crusader Kings 2  (PC) February 14: Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games  (3DS) UFC Undisputed 3  (PS3, 360) SSX  (PS3, 360) Twisted Metal X  (PS3) Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom  (PSP) Jagged Alliance: Back in Action  (PC) February 15: W.A.R.P.  (360) Alan Wake: American Nightmare  (360) I am Alive  (PS3) February 21: Asura's Wrath  (360) Syndicate  (360, PS3, PC) February 28: Black Knight Sword  (360, PS3) Binary Domain  (360, PS3) Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition  (PS3, 360) February 29: Awesomenauts  (PS3, 360) Gotham City Imposters  (360, PS3, PC)


My review of Repulse is up at .

Resident Evil 6 Trailer

The more Resident Evil moves into the action genre, the less interested I am.  They showed true potential with the Lost in Nightmares DLC for RE5.  I'm still hoping that they'll move back to their roots.

Lucent Heart

My review of Lucent Heart is up at .

My Rating System

If you’ve read any of my reviews, you’ll have noticed that I don’t use a numerical rating system like many other gaming sites.  You may be asking yourself why that is.  The biggest names in gaming all use a numerical rating.  Most will break a review down into the individual aspects, graphics, sounds, control, etc.  Each of these categories will get an individual score, usually from 1 to 10.  These scores will be averaged together at the end of the review, thus giving the game its final score.  It’s a bland, unoriginal rating system that is far too popular. I believe that a game can’t be confined to a numerical value.  Playing a game is a unique experience that ends up being something different for everyone.  A review should be a recollection of that experience.  It should be fair and unbiased of course, but in the end, a game isn’t a number.  A game is a work of art and should be treated as such. Once a reviewer strips away what is special about that game and puts it in the for

Rusty Hearts

Rusty Hearts is a free-to-play MMORPG developed by Stairway Games and published by Perfect World Entertainment.  The game had entered a closed beta on July 27, 2011 and was finally launched on September 13, 2011.  Rusty Hearts is a very story driven game that follows four characters in their quest to vanquish Count Vlad.  It has a very unique style and promises an equally unique experience.  Will this newcomer to an already overcrowded genre truly bring something special to the table or will it fall by the wayside like so many others?

I Got Mine!


Release Calendar: January 2012

January 03: Anarchy Reigns  (360) January 10: King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame  (PC) Gotham City Imposters  (360, PC, PS3) CRUSH3D  (3DS) January 24: Silent Hill HD Collection  (360, PS3) Victoria II: A House Divided  (PC) January 31: Soul Calibur V (360, PS3) Final Fantasy XIII-2  (360, PS3)

Dawn of Fantasy

My review of the MMORTS, Dawn of Fantasy, is up at .

Rusty Hearts Double EXP Event

Rusty Hearts is getting a dose of double exp tomorrow, January 05, 2012 from 2PM CST until 2pm CST January 06, 2012.  Don't miss out! Rusty Hearts Double Exp

New Soul Calibur V Wallpapers

I've posted new wallpapers of Algol, Dampierre, and Edge Master.  All are 1920x1080 resolution and can be found HERE .

Algol and Edge Master Revealed for Soul Calibur V

Algol was the legendary hero king who created the famed sword Soul Calibur.  Edge Master is renown as a master of all weapons and fighting styles.  Both have been revelead for Soul Calibur V, due out January 31, 2012.

All Points Bulletin Reloaded Wallpaper

I whipped this together because there are far too few All Points Bulletin: Reloaded wallpapers out there.  Enjoy!

The Year in Review: 2011

2011 is done and over.  Now it's time to sit back and reflect on games played and whether or not I finished them.  I've modified this year's list from previous entries.  I've removed DLC content from the list.  Even if the DLC could take upwards of three hours to beat, it's not a complete game.  The rules for MMOs still stand.  to be considered beaten, I must have reached the level cap with at least one character.  Granted, all of these games may not have been released in 2011.  For an older game to qualify on this list, I must not have beaten it until some point in this year.  With that out of the way, here's the list. Beaten: 22 Xbox 360 Alan Wake Blur Call of Duty: Black Ops Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow  Dead Space 2 Devil May Cry 4 Dorito's Crash Course Gears of War 3 Hunted: The Demon's Forge Kung Fu Panda Marvel vs Capcom 3 Mortal Kombat Prince of Persia Red Dead Redemption Rock