My Rating System

If you’ve read any of my reviews, you’ll have noticed that I don’t use a numerical rating system like many other gaming sites.  You may be asking yourself why that is.  The biggest names in gaming all use a numerical rating.  Most will break a review down into the individual aspects, graphics, sounds, control, etc.  Each of these categories will get an individual score, usually from 1 to 10.  These scores will be averaged together at the end of the review, thus giving the game its final score.  It’s a bland, unoriginal rating system that is far too popular.
I believe that a game can’t be confined to a numerical value.  Playing a game is a unique experience that ends up being something different for everyone.  A review should be a recollection of that experience.  It should be fair and unbiased of course, but in the end, a game isn’t a number.  A game is a work of art and should be treated as such.

Once a reviewer strips away what is special about that game and puts it in the format that 90% of the world uses, how is that game special or unique any longer?  At that point, it becomes just another number.  With only a title and number, most people won’t even take the time to read the generic review.  They will judge a game solely on that number and if that number isn’t high enough, most won’t even bother playing the game itself.  And who is to say a game is deserving of one score or another?  A reviewer may say that a game is a nine and a player may think that nine is in fact a four.  So how can a number sum up an experience for everyone?  Put simply, it can’t.

So when I write a review, I’m not only covering the technical points and writing about those.  I’d like to think that I write about the heart and soul of a game.  Whether it is a beautiful and moving experience or a bug-riddled nightmare, it’s my job to convey what the game is.  A game may be comprised of 1’s and 0’s, but it is not a number.  Thus, you will never see a number based review from me.


Ryan said…
The whole number system thing is probably just a fast, easy to understand, way of getting the reviewers opinion without reading everything you have to say about it. Kinda like when I want to go see a movie, I check online to see how many stars the movie got.
The quality of the little number system doesn't come close to the style of your reviews, but to me it's just a fast and easy thing in a day and age when people don't have time.