BJ Wentker's Bruschetta Burger

Place:  BJ Wentker's
Location: Burlington, WI
Burger: Bruschetta Burger
Ingredients: Half pound of Angus beef with Pomodoro and Provolone.  Lettuce, tomato, toasted bun, and onion.


BJ Wentker's has been hit and miss for me.  The Mushroom Swiss Burger was a mess that left a puddle on my plate.  The Bacon Cheddar Burger was better, but still left me wanting.  With only one more burger on the list, how would the Bruschetta Burger fare?

BJ Wentker's has an excellent Bruschetta appetizer.  It would only stand to reason that combining that delicious appetizer with a burger would lead to nothing but unmeasured success.  The burger itself was actually very tasty.  The toppings combined with the slightly charred bun made this one of the more unique burgers I've ever had.  Despite the bland slab of meat that rained down grease and juices...oh wait.  Did I fail to mention that?  As soon as I picked up the burger, there was a torrential downpour on my plate.  So, once again, I had to build a dam with a few sacrificed fries.  This is the second burger I've had from BJ Wentker's that rained down on my plate.  As a general rule, if a burger is 30% liquid, it's not a good burger, despite the toppings.

On the Side:
Appetizing fries.  It's a shame I had to sacrifice a few.

Two and a Half out of Five stars