Popeye's Mushroom Swiss Burger

Place: Popeye's
Location: Lake Geneva
Burger: Mushroom Swiss Burger
Ingredients: Two quarter pound patties, lightly toasted bun, Swiss cheese, mushroom, lettuce, tomato, onion


The last time I had a burger from Popeye's in Lake Geneva, it was a complete mess.  Needless to say, my hopes weren't too high this time around.  But, I'm a forgiving soul, and there were still a plethora of burgers I had not tried.

Walking into Popeye's was a disorienting experience.  It was a sea of humanity in the restaurant, and it was so cluttered with knick-knacks and decorations, that it took me a few minutes to get my bearings as I walked in from the parking lot entrance.  After finally finding a seat and browsing over the menu, which appears to have changed yet again, I decided on the Mushroom Swiss Burger.

The burger itself had the consistency of many other mushroom Swiss burgers, it was slick with moisture and juices.  The lightly toasted buns held the hearty helping of fresh toppings in place as I greedily devoured the burger.  The meat was rich and flavorful.  It wasn't greasy like so many other burgers I've had in the Southeastern Wisconsin region.  The toppings were fresh and crisp and went surprisingly well despite the burger only traditionally using only mushroom and Swiss cheese.  I had a hard time believing this was the same restaurant.  In the end, the burger was so filling, I couldn't finish my side of fries.

Overall, it was a very good burger.  It didn't wow me or present anything special, but it was a solid, well made burger.

On the Side:
Overcooked fries.

Four out of Five Stars