National Coney Island's Classic Detroit Burger

Place: National Coney Island
Location: Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, Detroit, MI
Burger: Classic Detroit Burger
Ingredients: American cheese, lettuce, tomato

After a 14 hour flight from Seoul, I was tired and hungry.  I had a nearly five hour layover in Detroit's surprisingly lovely international airport.  Halfway through, the stomach began to rumble and I thought this would make for another excellent road trip edition of The Burger Gourmet.

Nestled in the middle of one of the terminals was National Coney Island.  It looked like a diner had been transplanted into the airport and the fourth wall was removed.  Thinking back on it, it was like a hybrid of the diner from Seinfeld and the bar from Cheers.  It was a great place to sit down during mid travel and have a burger.

The Classic Detroit Burger was as the name implies, a classic.  It has the traditional ingredients for a burger: lettuce, cheese, and tomato.  The patty was full of flavor and juicy.  It didn't do anything special with any extra ingredients and it didn't need to.  It was a solid, tasty burger and perfect to recharge my batteries.  So, if you ever find yourself in Detroit's international airport, make sure to stop by National Coney Island.

On the side:
An almost overwhelming helping of delicious onion rings.