The Humble Indie Bundle

The Humble Indie Bundle V is live!  With a little over five days remaining, Humble Bundle has assembled an amazing collection of games.  Customers can pay what they want for four of indie gaming's greatest hits: Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, LIMBO, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and Psychonauts.  Customers that pay at least $1 will be given keys to download the games on Steam.  Included with the games are soundtracks for Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, LIMBO, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Pyschonauts, and Bastion.

Customers that pay more than the current average price of $8.27 also get four bonus games!  Bastion, Lone Survivor, Braid, and Super Meat Boy round out the collection for a total of eight games for as little as $8.28!  All of the games are DRM free and can be played on any Windows, Mac, or Linux machine.

In addition to paying what they want, customers can decide how they want their money split among Humble Bundle, the developers, and the charities Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play Charity.  Both are fantastic causes.

No Split-screen Support for Dead Space 3

In a Twitter response, the Dead Space team has confirmed there will be no split-screen support for Dead Space 3.

Halo 4 Infinity Multiplayer

Halo 4's multiplayer is getting updated.  343 Industries is trying make sense of the past Spartan slaughter-fests. Players will now compete in War Games, a simulated multiplayer experience.  So, it at least makes sense why Spartans can gun down their brothers-in-arms, it's just a training simulation.

In addition to the competitive multiplayer is a new cooperative mode called Spartan Ops: Briefing Room.  These missions are based on a weekly spin-off series that takes place on-board the UNSC Infinity.  Every week a new episode will be released comprising of five cooperative missions.  This will expand on the Halo story after players have absorbed every bit of the campaign.

Much like Reach, players will be awarded credits for everything they do in Halo 4.  These credits will act as a currency to purchase new armor pieces and weapons.  As players acquire more credits, they will also improve their rank which opens up new pieces of armor and weapons for purchase.

Players will also have custom loadouts for the first time in the Halo series.  Much like Call of Duty, players can select a primary weapon, secondary weapon, grenade type, armor ability, and armor mod.  Finally players won't have to be proficient with every weapon or memorize where their weapons spawns in order to do better.  This is the system that I thought was going to be implemented in Reach, but I don't mind waiting for Halo 4's release in November.

Gears of War: Judgement E3 Trailer

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.  Gears of War: Judgement or GOWJ takes players back to what appears to be the beginning of the war between humans and the locust.  This time, Baird takes center stage and we're treated to some of his backstory.  It looks like Marcus isn't the only one to have a complicated relationship with the COGs.

Coming in summer 2013, expect more of the same.  Not that that's a bad thing.

Resident Evil 6 Leon Campaign Gameplay

No matter how much I try, I just can't stay mad at you, Resident Evil.  Though you've burned me with your fifth installment and lackluster online offerings, there's been brilliant shining moments in your career that are nestled deep in my cold, shriveled heart.

With Resident Evil 6, you've taken two steps into the right direction: you brought the zombies back and you think games like this should take place at night.  I must say that you've aged well and are more beautiful than ever.  Your gameplay looks as tight as any hot, new franchise and the way you set up tight spots would make any veteran dominatrix blush.

As much as these changes are going to help mend our relationship, I'm still worried.  You see, baby, you keep flirting with those action games.  Sure they're fun and exciting with their no nonsense style.  It's straight to the action with no pretense.  Sometimes that's exactly what we need, a quickie.  But, in the long haul, I need a little more romance.  I need foreplay and foreshadowing.  I need to know that you care when you wrap me up in your story.  I want to feel tension as I explore the dark areas of your being and then get scared shitless when you finally reveal that monster you've hidden inside.

I'm worried that you've forgotten about us and that bond we formed in that mansion oh so long ago.  It was the bud of something beautiful that blossomed when we took that trip to the city.  And when things started to feel stale, we took that trip to Spain and reinvigorated the passion.  I can see good in you Resident Evil.  Let's give this one more try.

The Last of Us E3 Gameplay

Though I've been tempted on many occasions, I've never broken down and bought a PS3.  In the end it always came down to my inability to justify spending the money.  I don't know that I can use that excuse when The Last of Us comes out.

Taking an overgrown city similar to New York in I Am Legend, The Last of Us paints a heart wrenching story of what appears to be a father and daughter trying to survive.  We don't know where they're going or why, but the journey looks phenomenal.  Combining guttural gameplay with incredible interactions between the two characters, The Last of Us looks like it will take players on an emotional roller coaster.  I just hope that one of them doesn't die in the end.

ZombiU Debut Trailer

Personally, I can't get enough of anything zombie related.  ZombiU tells the tragic story of the zombie apocalypse in London through a series of dramatic stills depicting the true horror that awaits players.

While not much has gotten me excited for Nintendo's next console, this one has definitely made my ears perk up.  Let's just hope its not plagued by the same problems Dead Rising had.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance E3 Trailer

The E3 trailer for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance takes all of the wrong steps with its over the top intro, horrid music, and preachy prologue.  It seems that even with new developer Platinum Games at the helm, the same tired and overly philosophical messages of MGS have carried over.

I was in the vast minority of people that actually like Raiden as a character when he debuted in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.  I never did get to play Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, so I'm a bit out of the loop with Metal Gear.  While I don't know that I have the energy to endure another sermon for Pastor Kojima, I'll try anything from the team that created the incredible Bayonetta.

Halo 4 Debut Gameplay

At this point, I'm shocked we haven't seen a live action Halo yet.  Sure, they tried and we ended up getting that abysmal District 9, but surely we can make it happen now.  Even if it doesn't, we'll still be treated to expertly crafted teases and trailers surrounding everyone's favorite SPARTAN.

It's been four years since the events of Halo 3.  The world thinks Master Chief is dead.  Now that peace has been obtained, the UNSC has begun their discovery missions, much like the Enterprise of Star Trek.  Things go awry and they crash land on the same planet that Master Chief himself crash landed on all those years ago.  If anything, it's quite convenient for the crew of the Infinity.

There's a new alien race that's no friend to the Covenant or the humans.  Sporting some new gear, it's up to Master Chief to rescue the ship and uncover the face of this new threat.  Along the way, he has a slick new HUD with an (unnecessary) video uplink of the AI, Cortana.

The game itself looks brilliant and lush with details.  I have a hard time believing that this will run on current gen hardware, but it looks like the jump that was made in Halo: Reach is going to be surpassed itself by the forerunner of this new trilogy.

Halo 4 is scheduled for release November 2012.

Dead Space 3 Debut Trailer and E3 Gameplay

There's quite a bit of info revealed in the official announcement trailer for Dead Space 3.  Series hero Isaac Clarke is joined by potential love interest Ellie Langford from Dead Space 2 and a new character named John Carver.  John was introduced in the Dead Space graphic novel short less than a week ago.

John is a soldier with a marriage on the rocks.  He appears to be working with an entity that is either in charge of or contributing to the construction of the markers.  When introduced to us, John is working on the planet Uxor.  When the shroud covering the marker comes free, it unleashes an EMP that brings ships plummeting from the sky.  With horrific crashes come dead bodies.  The marker then takes those bodies and turns them into a fresh batch of necromorphs.

With Dead Space 3 taking place on the frozen planet of Tau Volantis, there may be some uncovering of John's past that needs to happen.  At the beginning of the debut trailer, Ellie mentions that they have the opportunity to stop this at the "source".  This could mean a few different things.  Is this the source of all the markers?  A master marker of sorts?  Is this the headquarters of the Unitology fanatics who are responsible for creating the markers?

What is known is that Isaac and John are separated from Ellie early on in the game.  Ellie appears to be Isaac's driving force in this game with the destruction of the markers taking a back seat.  This isn't shocking as Isaac spent the better part of two games getting over the death of his past love, Nicole.

The gameplay demo focuses heavily on the puzzle elements of the game.  There are some necromorphs to shoot, but there's not a whole lot that's new...until people start shooting at Isaac and John.  Sure, Isaac had to fight a few other humans towards the end of Dead Space 2, but depending on what this "source" is, he may be facing more enemies than just necromorphs.

Dead Space 3 is scheduled for release in February 2013.  It will make a perfect Valentine's Day gift should we survive the apocalypse of 2012.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Debut Trailer


It's been a year and a half since we've seen Gabriel Belmont.  At the end of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Gabriel had become the iconic king of vampires, Dracula.  He had survived to modern times and still grieved for his murdered wife, Marie.

We now see Gabriel in what could be the iconic series' namesake castle.  Time has jumped back to the middle ages.  In a cruel twist of fate, Gabriel is now the monster that must be hunted down.  He still grieves for his wife and his entire existence seems to be one of solitude and pain.  As he steps outside onto his balcony, we see a massive army come to eradicate his existence.  What has Gabriel done since the end of the first game to cause so much hatred for himself?

After using dark magic and his iconic whip to make short work of the army, Gabriel is faced by a lone white haired warrior.  Could this be a member of the Order of Light sent to kill Gabriel?  If so, the symbolism between the two games could be great as Gabriel had hunted down the founders of his order that had turned into monsters.

Lords of Shadow was a great reboot for Castlevania.  Here's hoping Mercury Steam can keep the magic going into the sequel.


Tomb Raider E3 Crossroads Trailer

It's been years since Tomb Raider has made an impact on the gaming community.  Most would say that Nathan Drake of the Uncharted series has stolen Lara's thunder.  Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix look to reclaim the adventure throne with a gritty reboot of the Tomb Raider series.

Lara is no longer the sexual, gun-toting angel of archaeology.  We find that she is a vulnerable girl who is more than capable of being hurt.  In fact, it seems that the game will exploit this fact with a lot of abuse thrown Lara's way.  I worry that Crystal Dynamics' attempt to show Lara as a more human and fragile character may be misinterpreted as excessive abuse towards women.  In this trailer alone, Lara takes an excessive amount of physical abuse and has a brief run-in with a would be rapist.  It's definitely a new game for more mature audiences.

It's been a number of years since I've even looked at a Tomb Raider game.  The last I played was Tomb Raider Chronicles for the Dreamcast back in 2000.  By then, the series had already grown stale and was in dire need of reworking.  This reboot looks to give a much needed injection of life into the faltering series.  It may not be a day one purchase, but for a series that I haven't played in 12 years, the new entry looks like a must have.


Twelve Sky 2

My review of Twelve Sky 2 is up at Gaming Climax!

Release Calendar: June 2012

June 05:
Inversion (PS3, 360)
Madagascar 3: The Video Game (Wii, 360, DS)
The Sims 3: Katy Perry's Sweet Treats (PC)

June 07:
Cat Frenzy (DS)

June 12:
DiRT Showdown (PS3, 360)
Krater (PC)
Lollipop Chainsaw (PS3, 360)
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion (PC)
Gungir (PSP)

June 13:
Babel Rising (PS3, 360)

June 15:
Ghost Recon Future Soldier (PC)

June 18:
Pokemon Conquest (DS)

June 19:
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (PC, PS3, 360, Wii)
Brave: The Video Game (Wii, PC, PS3, 360)
Clan of Champions (360)
Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor (360)
Civilization V: Gods & Kings (PC)
The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav  (PC)

June 25:
Dungeons & Dragons Online: Menace of the Underdark

June 26:
Sledge Hammer (360)
Record of Agarest War 2 (PS3)
The Amazing Spider-Man (360, Wii, DS, PC, 3DS, PS3)
Darksiders 2 (360, PC, PS3)
Spec Ops: The Line  (360, PC, PS3)