Resident Evil 6 Leon Campaign Gameplay

No matter how much I try, I just can't stay mad at you, Resident Evil.  Though you've burned me with your fifth installment and lackluster online offerings, there's been brilliant shining moments in your career that are nestled deep in my cold, shriveled heart.

With Resident Evil 6, you've taken two steps into the right direction: you brought the zombies back and you think games like this should take place at night.  I must say that you've aged well and are more beautiful than ever.  Your gameplay looks as tight as any hot, new franchise and the way you set up tight spots would make any veteran dominatrix blush.

As much as these changes are going to help mend our relationship, I'm still worried.  You see, baby, you keep flirting with those action games.  Sure they're fun and exciting with their no nonsense style.  It's straight to the action with no pretense.  Sometimes that's exactly what we need, a quickie.  But, in the long haul, I need a little more romance.  I need foreplay and foreshadowing.  I need to know that you care when you wrap me up in your story.  I want to feel tension as I explore the dark areas of your being and then get scared shitless when you finally reveal that monster you've hidden inside.

I'm worried that you've forgotten about us and that bond we formed in that mansion oh so long ago.  It was the bud of something beautiful that blossomed when we took that trip to the city.  And when things started to feel stale, we took that trip to Spain and reinvigorated the passion.  I can see good in you Resident Evil.  Let's give this one more try.