TERA's Summer Event

From August 3 to August 13, TERA is hosting their "Suit Up for Summer" Event.  During this event, players can defeat monsters in coastal zones to collect event boxes.  The boxes will contain special items, including: fireworks, rare crystals, combat consumables, and 30-day swimsuits.  The race-specific swimsuits drop in one of three colors and boxes can be traded with other players.

Players that want permanent swimsuits can purchase them from the En Masse store through August 13.

The coastal zones for the event include: Tuwangi Mire, Mistmoor Island, Cutthroat Harbor, Jagged Coast, Tempest Reach, Serpentis Isle, and Balder's Refuge.

There is also five event achievements to complete.  Complete all five achievements and get one of five pairs of permanent sunglasses.  The achievements are:

Diving in Deep
Killed one BAM while wearing a swimsuit

Splish Splash
Took a 10 second swim while wearing a swimsuit

Groove to the Island Music
Danced in Ostagarath while wearing a swimsuit

Quintessential Ice Dancer
Danced in Westonia while wearing a swimsuit

Party Like a Swamp Thing
Danced in Val Tirkai while wearing a swimsuit

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