Zombies, Run! Day 2

Due to the mishaps of day one, I approached day today's run a little differently.  I had my pre-made playlist from the night before, consisting of music from horror themed games.  My thinking was that without a playlist, the game defaulted to not playing anything during the running sections.  And based on my experience of the never ending run from yesterday, I did not want to repeat that.  So, with playlist in tow, I restarted mission one.

Things started off well as I stepped back into the shoes of Runner Five.  I was being flown in with supplies for Abel township.  For whatever reason, I only had half the supplies that are normally dispatched.  As we approached Abel, a rocket erupted from the wilderness and knocked the chopper out of the sky.  I'm not sure how, but I managed to survive the crash.  Only, there were far worse things waiting for me in the woods surrounding the crash site...

Zombies make everything better.
Fortunately, the coms operator for Abel, Sam Yao, was able to guide me to relative safety on the route to Abel.

This was the first instance where I finally had music play during the game.  I soon discovered that the music overpowered the alerts for the game.  The only way I could tell anything was happening was my phone vibrating.  Most notifications are what items have been picked up, so it wasn't a big deal.  But I was playing with "zombie chase" on.  When the zombies began to give chase, I had no idea until I looked at my phone.  And with no way of knowing how close they were, I had no choice but to sprint until I received another alert that I had escaped them.  When I got back home, I found that this is a common complaint for users of Zombies, Run! on Windows Phone.  There's no way to adjust the music volume in comparison to the game volume and as such, it's near impossible to hear anything over the music.

After successfully evading the zombies, I was directed to the local hospital by Dr. Maxine Myers.  It was this hospital that claimed the previous Runner Five.  Things were uneventful as I took an underground entrance into the abandoned building.  Only when I picked up a box from the CDC did the zombies react to my presence.  Like a well placed trap, they began to swarm...

Narrowly escaping the hospital, I sprinted for Abel.  Only I wasn't alone.  The previous Runner Five had caught my scent and was hot on my trail.  As I neared the gate, Sam could barely keep it together.  Apparently he and my predecessor had grown quite close.  Now with his love gurgling and  moaning into her still hot mic, he would have to watch as the town guards gunned her down.

As Runner Five was put down for good, I crossed the threshold into safety and delivered the package to the good doctor.

I was glad to complete the rather lengthy mission without the app "crashing" as it did the day before.  Yet, with the music overpowering the game, it's hard to use "zombie chase" without being put at a significant disadvantage.

Either way, after a rocky start, things are starting to look up.