Halloween comes to TERA

Any successful MMORPG has truly great holiday events.  The one event I always look forward to, year after year, is Halloween.  From City of Heroes' zombie apocalypse taking the streets of Paragon City to World of Warcraft's worldwide decorations and the Headless Horseman storming Scarlet Monastery, Halloween proves time and again that it only makes games better.

Now it's TERA's turn and they've pulled out all the stops.  From October 23rd through November 5th, players can collect Halloween candy baskets and cake for a chance to win limited-time Halloween costume items.

Players that log on will receive a free Trick-or-Treat Mystery Box.  The box contains a variety of items, including: NPC summoning scrolls, masks, and Halloween-themed rare items.

Players can also throw pies at Gourdo, a floating pumpkin-headed spirit.  Pumpkin pies drop from monsters, with BAMs dropping more.  Throw the pies at Gourdo and receive a Halloween Candy Basket.  The candy basket also contains Halloween masks.

The third and final event is calld "Protect the Candy".  Talking to Ellonia in any city will warp players to Eldritch Academy where they can talk to Titiana who will warp them to the Festival Hall.  Once players have completed the dungeon, they're receive a pair of Halloween Glasses and a Halloween Cake.  The cake contains all manner of items, but the one everyone will be working for is the Boneshaker Mount.  The dungeon can be run up to five times daily.  those that want to save time and want to invest money instead can purchase the Boneshaker Mount for one character for $14.95 or for all their characters for $24.95.

Players can also purchase Halloween-themed masks for $9.99 each in the EnMasse store. They include masquerade masks, bat hairbands, the Frankenhat, and the Ailuri Giantkiller Mask.

It's been some time since I've played TERA, but this is a fantastic way to get back into the swing of things.