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Windows Phone 8 App for Desktop

For those that have upgraded to or purchased a Windows Phone 8, you may be wondering how to get your music, pictures, and other data from your PC to your phone. In the past, Windows Phone 7 connected with the Zune software and users could manage the data on both their PC and the phone.  Windows Phone 8 does away with this and is not recognized by the Zune software.  Windows Phone 8 is designed to work with Xbox Music on the Windows 8 platform.  Those running Windows 8 on a traditional PC or Windows 8 RT will have no issue syncing their phone. For those not wanting to upgrade to Windows 8, it's not clear in the slightest on how to sync your content.  Most references direct users to connect their phone via USB to their PC and use the file browser to move and organize data.  While I'm no stranger to managing data in such a manual way, it's not the best way to handle it for a lot of people. Microsoft has released a Windows Phone app for desktop that is currently in beta.

Tiny Troopers Invade Your PC

My review of mobile app to Steam title, Tiny Troopers , is up at !

Gaming Climax Goes PlanetSide...2

My preview of upcoming sci-fi shooter PlanetSide 2  is up at !

Xbox Live Says "Happy Birthday!"

As part of the Xbox Live Rewards program, Microsoft is giving away Microsoft Points when players' birth month rolls around.  With November finally here, I've received my 20 MS Points.  More accurately, I've received an email saying I'll receive 20 MS Points.  Points are automatically added by the 15th.  Though I received the email today, the points still haven't hit my account.  It's nothing to complain about, just another detail.  So if you've been waiting patiently for your points, don't fret too much.  After all, it's only $0.25.

No Elin Swimwear for You!

In what could be the oddest bug after a patch day, players of the immensely popular action MMO TERA  found they couldn't log in if they had an Elin character with a swimsuit.  Players soon found out that it wasn't just Elins with swimwear.  Elins with any type of costume head gear (glasses, masks, etc.) couldn't log in. At this time, there still isn't an official answer and the issue still hasn't been resolved.  Developer EnMasse has put in temporary measures to allow players to log back into the game by removing the swimsuits from Elin characters.  Once a resolution is in place, the swimsuits will be restored to players. From EnMasse's official FAQ : "We recently discovered an issue that caused users with Elin characters with a swimsuit as well as any costume head gear (glasses, mask, etc...) equipped to be unable to log in.  Most users with this combination of items equipped encountered an FFFFF error.  We also found that Elin characters with jus

Release Calendar: November 2012

November 06: Halo 4  (360) NASCAR The Game: Inside Line  (Wii, 360, PS3) Chaos on Deponia (PC) Ragnarok Tactics (PSP) HISTORY Legends of War: Patton (PS3, PC, 360) Big Time Rush: Dance Party (Wii) Big Time Rush: Backstage Pass (DS)

Review: Dofus

My review of Dofus  is up at !