No Elin Swimwear for You!

In what could be the oddest bug after a patch day, players of the immensely popular action MMO TERA found they couldn't log in if they had an Elin character with a swimsuit.  Players soon found out that it wasn't just Elins with swimwear.  Elins with any type of costume head gear (glasses, masks, etc.) couldn't log in.

At this time, there still isn't an official answer and the issue still hasn't been resolved.  Developer EnMasse has put in temporary measures to allow players to log back into the game by removing the swimsuits from Elin characters.  Once a resolution is in place, the swimsuits will be restored to players.

From EnMasse's official FAQ:

"We recently discovered an issue that caused users with Elin characters with a swimsuit as well as any costume head gear (glasses, mask, etc...) equipped to be unable to log in.  Most users with this combination of items equipped encountered an FFFFF error.  We also found that Elin characters with just the swimsuit equipped would appear invisible in the game.

To correct this, we removed all swimsuits from Elin characters until the problem is resolved.  This includes swimsuits that were equipped, as well as swimsuits in the inventory or bank.  As soon as the issue is corrected, all swimsuits will be returned, with no further action required of players."