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Get N7 Armor in Dead Space 3

It's like they market this stuff just for me.  Today, the Dead Space team has announced the N7 armor famous from Mass Effect .  To unlock the N7 armor, players must have a Mass Effect 3  save file.  They must then play "the full game" of Dead Space 3  which I imagine is just beating the game once.  Then the ultra slick N7 armor is yours to enjoy! Source

Absolute Force Online Impresses in Beta

My preview of upcoming shooter, Absolute Force Online, is up at Gaming Climax !

Fixing an Xbox 360 Disc Drive

Recently I had the experience of fixing a faulty DVD drive in an original Xbox 360.  The drive would scratch any discs inserted, grinding a perfect circle into them.  It would also refuse to open and when it did, it would repeatedly open and close.  Both are common problems with the original model, and there are surprisingly simple fixes for both.  Credit goes to and YouTube user, Frankieseshy . Fixing the Xbox 360 disc grinding issue What happens when the Xbox begins to grind a perfect circle in your discs, it's because the disc is spinning off-kilter and making contact with assembly for the laser.  The issue typically arises when moving the Xbox while it is running, but sometimes (in my case especially), it happens any time a disc is inserted. The solution is to apply foam pads to the interior of the DVD drive.  When applied to the topside of the case, the spinning disc will make contact with the pads before it can make contact with the laser. sells

TERA Gives Players Free Game Time

In preparation of TERA going free to play, EnMasse Entertainment and Bluehole Studio brought all player's accounts back to life with seven days of free game time. Unfortunately this had an ill effect with most players, myself included, receiving an error that the manifest could not be downloaded.  There were a couple of ways around this, which involved renewing the IP address, flushing the DNS, and modifying the Hosts file. The problem has since been resolved and to make up for the inconvenience, the team has added another free  seven days to players' accounts. Official Announcement

Popeyes' Buccaneer Bacon Burger

Place: Popeyes Location: Lake Geneva, WI Burger: Buccaneer Bacon Burger Ingredients: Old English American cheese, country smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, onions Verdict:  Popeye's in Lake Geneva has yet to produce a truly exemplary burger.  It had been some time since I paid the lakeside restaurant a visit and the menu had been updated, so I figured I'd give it another try.  I almost wish I hadn't. The order was medium, but when it came out, there was a pool of blood on the plate.  To make it to the plate, it had to travel through the bottom bun which itself was more like a sponge.  There was a fair amount of pink inside the burger and the meat had the same bland, greasy flavor as the Ultimate Cheeseburger . The fresh toppings helped to offset the sub-par meat, but the texture of the spongy lower bun did almost as much to detract.  This is the third burger I've had from Popeye's and the second which has let me down. On the side:  Perfec

City of Steam Wraps up Beta

My tour with the City of Steam dev team is up at Gaming Climax !

TERA is Going Free-to-Play

Not even a year after its release, TERA is switching to a free-to-play model.   TERA Rising  is set to be released in February.  Existing players won't see much change, but there are a few differences that they should be made aware of. Current subscribers will be converted to Elite accounts when Rising is released.  If they opt to cancel their subscription, they'll be moved to a Founder account.  Founder accounts are for current TERA  players.  Those looking to get into the Founder status can still buy a copy of the the game and lock in when TERA  goes free-to-play.  Founders will also get a special Terminus Mount which won't be available to other tiered players. A full breakdown of the account changes is below: For more information, read the full FAQ here .

Squaring Up With Remnant Knights

My review of anime inspired MMORPG, Remnant Knights: Heroes of Kasmari  is up at !

Star Supremacy Plots a Bold Course with Faction Battles

I recently had the chance to speak with Thomas Watson on behalf of Star Supremacy .  Read the interview at !

Release Calendar: January 2013

January 08: Anarchy Reigns  (360, PS3) January 15: Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2  (360, PS3, PC) Devil May Cry  (PS3, 360) January 22: NI NO KUNI Wrath of the White Witch Painkiller Hell & Damnation  (PS3, 360) January 29: Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2  (PS3, 360)