Grater Tater's Potato Burger

Place: Grater Tater
Location: Burlington, WI
Ingredients: Toasted bun, mashed potatoes, onion gravy, American cheese, Dijon mustard, sauteed onions, corned beef

I've yet to have a bad experience at Grater Tater.  The quaint atmosphere combined with the impeccable home-style food leave me full and satisfied each and every time.

When they added a burger to the menu, I had no choice but to give it a try.  Simply put, the burger is a regular meal on a toasted bun with cheese.  Imagine ordering the meatloaf and mash and making the roll large enough to stuff everything in-between.  It's a rich, hearty meal where each ingredient works in perfect harmony.  The meat is juicy without being greasy and the tang of the corned beef and Dijon mustard contrast well with the base mashed potatoes and lightly season ground beef.

Just make sure to order on an empty stomach.  This bountiful meal will leave your stomach dragging on the floor and you looking for a place to nap.

On the side:
Potato skins with nacho cheese or sour cream