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Zero Lives: Saints Row the Third


Should Betas be Pay-to-Play?

My thoughts on the ever pressing question can be found at Gaming Climax !

Conquer Online Unveils the Oriental Assassin

My preview of Conquer Online's  Oriental Assassin is up at Gaming Climax !

Tour the Horror of Cocytus Minecraft Server

I decided to hop on the band wagon with this whole recording what you play.  Here's a test run using the Horror of Cocytus Minecraft server.

An Interview with Neverwinter

My interview with Neverwinter  producer, Andy Velasquez, is up at !

Review: Halo 4

It’s been some time since we’ve stepped in Master Chief’s MJOLNIR boots.  When we last left the SPARTAN hero, he was adrift in space, locked in stasis awaiting rescue.  Rescue has come in the form of 343 Industries.  Microsoft’s in-house studio has taken the banner passed down to them from renowned developer, Bungie.  Is it time for Master Chief to be thawed out, or should he have stayed in a deep slumber? Released in November 2012 and taking place on a Forerunner planet, Master Chief must combat a brutal new enemy in the form of the Prometheans, Forerunner constructs.  Adding to his troubles are a radical splinter group of the Covenant who refuse to honor the peace treaty brokered at the end of Halo 3 .  And if things couldn’t get any worse for the Chief, his digital companion, Cortana, is reaching the end of her life cycle.  This process involves Cortana slowly going crazier and crazier and will eventually end in her “thinking herself to death”.

App of the Week: The Amazing Spider-Man

Name: The Amazing Spider-Man Publisher: Gameloft Price: $6.99 Platform: Windows Phone 8 The Amazing Spider-Man  is the official game tie-in for the 2012 movie of the same name.  Taking a bold leap forward, The Amazing Spider-Man  is one of the few serious gaming titles available for Windows Phone 8.  But at a steep entry fee of $6.99, is it financially worth helping Spidey save the city?

Updating Your Minecraft Server

So you followed my last tutorial and created a Minecraft  server.  Hooray!  That's so exciting!  I hope you're building lots of glorious things with your friends and the Creepers are staying away.  But since that post, Mojang has released the 1.5.2 Update .  How do you get your server running the latest version so you and your friends can keep crafting? The answer is shockingly simple. In fact, it's easier than setting up the server itself since you know what you're doing now. 1.  Download the Minecraft server executable 2.  Create a new folder for the server and move the executable to that folder and run it 3.  After the application has created the server files, delete the world folder and copy the world folder from your previous server to it 4.  Open the Server Properties file and duplicate the settings from your previous server 5.  Run the server! In five simple steps, you've updated your personal Minecraft server.  Now you can get back to crafting

Release Calendar: May 2013

May 09: Mario & Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move  (3DS) May 14: Metro 2033: Last Light  (PC) May 23: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger  (PC) May 24: Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D  (3DS) May 30: The Legend of ZeldaL Oracle of Ages  (3DS) The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons  (3DS)