Updating Your Minecraft Server

So you followed my last tutorial and created a Minecraft server.  Hooray!  That's so exciting!  I hope you're building lots of glorious things with your friends and the Creepers are staying away.  But since that post, Mojang has released the 1.5.2 Update.  How do you get your server running the latest version so you and your friends can keep crafting?

The answer is shockingly simple. In fact, it's easier than setting up the server itself since you know what you're doing now.

1.  Download the Minecraft server executable
2.  Create a new folder for the server and move the executable to that folder and run it
3.  After the application has created the server files, delete the world folder and copy the world folder from your previous server to it
4.  Open the Server Properties file and duplicate the settings from your previous server
5.  Run the server!

In five simple steps, you've updated your personal Minecraft server.  Now you can get back to crafting!