App of the Week: Bing Weather

Bing Weather
Publisher: Microsoft
Price: Free!
Platform: Windows Phone 8

What is the #1 app that everyone must have on their phone?  What is the one topic that everyone can talk about?  If you said anything regarding the weather, you've got a sensible head on your shoulders.  With that in mind, Microsoft has just released their personal weather tracker, Bing Weather.

The app is sleek and much like everything else Microsoft is doing these days, beautiful in its simple design.  The live tile gives me the basic information I need with the current temperature, conditions (clear, foggy, rainy, etc.) and the high and low for the day.  Opening up the app brings up a more detailed breakdown of the current weather, including humidity, visibility, barometer, and wind speed.  Swiping right reveals daily and hourly increments which is absolutely fantastic for gauging the day.  There are also a multitude of maps showing everything from temperature, highs and lows, to rain conditions.

The app comes with the ability to track location, so the app will update based on your location.  This is a nice consideration for travelers.  But since location services have a terrible habit of killing the battery in my Nokia Lumia 920, I'm forced to keep them off if I want the phone to hold a charge all day.  Thankfully, the app includes manually setting multiple locations and the ability to change the default location for the live tile.

All in all, Bing Weather is a fantastic app for doing what many rely on, checking the weather.  The in-depth breakdown of everything going on from an hourly to extended forecast and detailed maps make it my go-to app for weather.