App of the Week: OneNote

Publisher: Microsoft
Price: Free!
Platform: Windows Phone 8, Windows RT, Windows 8

When it comes to being productive and keeping your life organized, Microsoft has had your back for a number of years now.  OneNote has been included with every major version of Microsoft Office since 2003.  And since the boom of tablets and smart phones have swept the world, Microsoft has made it even easier to keep everything in sync with their free OneNote app.

OneNote is a note taking application that allows users to create and curate their own journal, wiki, manual for life, etc.  Users can paste in files, pictures, audio, or even handwritten notes.  Sections make it a simple task to categorize everything and the search feature makes it easy to find anything and everything in the notebook.

There's not a day that goes by that I don't use OneNote either for work or at home.  It's a fast, simple, easy way to store my information in a way that's just as easily organized, indexed, and searchable.  I use it to log upcoming projects, phone calls, and even my shopping list.  Best of all, it's available on all of my devices.  So even if I can't get to my tablet or desktop, I have OneNote right there with me on my phone.  Of course, I can also share my notebook with others which definitely makes keeping track of familial tasks that much easier.  And for those security conscious individuals, you are able to password protect individual pages and sections.

Current users of Windows Phone, Windows RT, Windows 8, iOS, and Android are able to get the app for free.  After signing in with their Microsoft account and creating their notebook, users can even log on to their account online to view their notebook.  It's a wonderfully brilliant solution to keeping all of life's many facets in check.  This is a definite must have app for anyone.