App of the Week: Steam Tile

Steam Tile
Publisher: Element26 Software
Platform: Windows 8
Price: Free!

One of my favorite features of Microsoft's latest OS is the Metro interface (Yes, I know that's not the name anymore, but it stuck.  Deal with it.).  This exploded Start Menu displays all of my applications with beautiful Live Tiles that continually update with new information.  It's as if my PC came alive!

Well, I also play a lot of games.  Many of these games are stored within Steam.  Up until now, my only way of accessing these games was to either launch Steam or pin the game launch to the Metro interface with a bland tile.

Element26 Software has decided that isn't enough and release Steam Tile.  Steam Tile connects directly to your public Steam profile and pulls down your game information to add new, attractive live tiles to the Start Screen.  The tiles will update with achievements unlocked and time played.  Opening the app allows users to pin the games of their choice so it's not necessary to launch the app each time.

Right now, I'm using them to track games I still need to beat and those I play on a regular basis.  Combined with the ability to make custom columns within Windows 8 and this is a must have for any gamer running Windows 8.