App of the Week: Nokia Creative Studio

Nokia Creative Studio
Publisher: Nokia
Platform: Windows Phone 8
Price: Free!

Photo editing apps are a dime a dozen.  Or maybe a few hundred for a penny.  I don't know.  A lot of them are free.  So that's why it takes something a little special to stand out from the crowd.   And Nokia has been doing a splendid job of that for Windows Phone.  It's their unending support with top notch apps and incredible build quality that will ensure I continue to buy Nokia headsets.

Nokia Creative Studio is a simple, easy to use photo editor.  It offers several editing features that can put a creative spin on your pictures.  Focus and blur allows the focusing of objects by drawing around the subject you want in focus and then drawing a secondary line around the background.  It can be a little cumbersome drawing with your finger to get all the details, but overall, it's a great way of drawing focus to a particular area.

Radial and tilt shift is also an option and is fun for making photos look like miniatures.  Beyond that, I haven't found much use for the feature.

Color pop allows you to modify a picture, making it monochrome for the most part and picking specific items in the picture to have color.

Collage is self-explanatory.  Take a group of photos and arrange them into a photo collage.

Starting out with the app allows choosing a specific color scheme to work with.  From monochrome to opal and jade, there's a wide range to start working with.  And much like any other photo editor, there are the options to adjust color balance, brightness, clarity, vibrancy, crop, rotate, and fix red eye.  So it has the standard features of most photo editors, but the few extras make it stand out to me.  If you have a Nokia Windows Phone, there's no reason not to add this free app to your collection.