App of the Week: MetroTube

Publisher: Lazyworm Applications Ltd.
Platform: Windows Phone
Price: $0.99

With what seems like a never-ending battle between Google and Microsoft over the YouTube app for Windows Phone, the only one on the losing end is the user.  So I say that we should take the two tech giants out of the equation so we can get to what is really important: watching cat videos online.

MetroTube is the premier YouTube client for Windows Phone.  It offers an ad supported free version and a paid version.  The paid version is only $0.99, which is definitely worth the price of entry.  After signing into your account, MetroTube can manage your subscriptions, save videos for later, preload video, manage uploaded videos, and essentially do far better than any other YouTub app on the marketplace.  It's painfully easy to use and can sync with the Xbox Music & Video app.  MetroTube is a must have app for any Windows Phone user.