App of the Week: UrzaGatherer

Publisher: David Catuhe
Platform: Windows 8, Windows RT
Price: Free!

Anyone that has played a handful of Magic: The Gathering Games can tell you the importance of having some form of counters.  There are so many statistics to track: life points, poison counters, buffs and debuffs, etc.  It can quickly become overwhelming, especially if a life gain deck is going against a beast deck full of buffs.  I've seen everything form using other cards, poker chips, and even change jars used as counters.

UrzaGatherer is a fantastic solution to the serious player's woes.  My primary use of the app has been as a life tracker.  More players than I would ever want to tangle with can be tracked on a single screen with both life and poison counters and color coding for each name.  There are dice rollers and coin tosses, further eliminating the need for any extras.  And if you're using a touch screen, it makes too much sense to keep UrzaGatherer up and running during a match.

If being a counter app was enough, UrzaGatherer would succeed with flying colors.  But it does so much more.  The primary feature is that of card management.  Spanning from the very first expansion to the most recent, players can track their collection of cards in a simple, easy to use, interface.  As cards are added, it also tracks the estimated value of a collection.  And as anyone who has even dabbled in MTG can tell you, keeping track of cards is incredibly useful.  And to make it even better, you can even recreate your decks within the app.  I can't think of anything that UrzaGatherer is missing.  It even allows importing and exporting data across devices for multi-platform management.

If you have Windows 8, like playing MTG, and have been looking for a great app that integrates the two, look no further.