App of the Week: Gym PocketGuide

Gym PocketGuide
Publisher: Dominic W.
Platform: Windows Phone 8
Price: Free!

When it came to resolutions for this year, I shared one with many others: lose weight.  Shed pounds.  Shrink my fat ass.  I knew what I wanted to do, I just wasn't sure how to do it.  So I did what many others do, I looked for an app.  A few months in and I can say that I'm very happy with the results Gym PocketGuide has provided.

There are two programs available for each men and women, fat loss and muscle building.  I've been working with the fat loss program exclusively and I can't argue with the results.  The program spans all seven days with two periods of rest.  The workouts are clear cut with focus on specific areas for each day.  Each exercise is clearly described and there are photos included which demonstrate proper form.  And until I began using Gym PocketGuide, I've never realized how much I loathe stationary bikes and elliptical machines.

I haven't had the opportunity to get into the muscle building regimen yet, but will update this review once I have.  There is a pro version of Gym PocketGuide which offers more personalized features and integration with OneDrive, but I'm not quite that advanced with my exercise habits.

Much like many of the apps I've looked at this year, I like Gym PocketGuide because it is simple and it works.  What more could you ask for?