The Punishing Beast

I published a short story today on Amazon!  It involves Santa and Krampus!  It's only $0.99!  Go buy it!

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Zero Lives - Episode 035: Merry Destiny Christmas

For the holidays, my titan dons his Santa suit and dishes out justice in both PvE and PvP.

I’m Famous! You’re Famous!

I love seeing the Google Maps car. It's like seeing a celebrity, but it's your photo that ends up on the Internet. You rush online and tell all your friends.

"I saw it! I saw the Google!"

Zero Lives - Episode 033: Destiny

Tonight, a valiant effort is made.  I make my foray into a heroic strike.  What proceeds to unfold is a story of courage, strength, and the forging of a brotherly bond.

Zero Lives - Episode 032: Destiny

This episode was beleaguered with lag issues for which you have my apologies. Otherwise, I break down the sparrow racing event within Destiny!

Zero Lives - Episode 031: Gears of War 3

I wasn't really feeling it at the start of tonight's broadcast. I had a bit of a relapse today. Fortunately, you guys turned it around. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!

Zero Lives - Episode 030: Gears of War 3

Thanks to the backwards compatibility for Xbox One, I dive back into Gears of War 3. Horde mode was my absolute favorite mode of the game and I thought it would be great to get back into it. Until I remembered the flaws of hosted matches.

Bloodborne - Witch of Hemwick Fight

Yet again, the PS4 refuses to stream in HD. Again, you have my apologies. 

The Witch of Hemwick was probably the easiest boss encounter thus far in Bloodborne. I imbued the Threaded Cane with bolt and was able to get through it without any issues.

Bloodborne - Father Gascoigne Fight

Father Gascoigne is by far the most challenging boss I've faced in Bloodborne.  To become victorious, I had to use a lot of underhanded techniques.  I'm not very proud of it, but it had to be done.

Also, I apologize for the quality.  The PS4 is not agreeing with the streaming.

Bloodborne - Darkbeast Paarl Fight

Yet again I stumble into a boss fight within Bloodborne. Yet again, I am extremely lucky they're beast-based. I also had the help of a summoned NPC hunter which really saved my bacon.

Bloodborne - Blood Starved Beast Fight

Whilst exploring Old Yharnam, I kind of stumbled into the Blood-Starved Beast.  What neither of us expected was the grinding I had done in Cathedral Ward paying off.

Bloodborne - Vicar Amelia Fight

This was my second attempt at Vicar Amelia.  After the first encounter, I had apparently spent a lot more time grinding in the Cathedral Ward than I had thought.  Who knew a flaming Threaded Cane could be so beastly?

Wings in Shaiya

Hello again!  Shaiya has taken a page out of Aion's book and added wings.  If you'd like to earn some, you're in luck!  I have a code for one lucky user after the jump.

Stormtrooper Shenanigans

In the quiet moments of battle, even Stormtroopers need to blow off some steam.

Vader Gets Weird

Over the course of the night, Battlefront proceeded to get weirder and weirder.  It culminated in Vader bending space and time around himself.

Batman v Superman 3rd? Trailer

Up until this point, I didn't really care about Batman v Superman.  The way DC has been putting together their films (aside from the phenomenal Christopher Nolan trilogy) has been lackluster.  The Superman films in particular are too dark and don't fit the character all that well.

Zero Lives - Episode 029: Star Wars Battlefront

I go through the remaining modes in Battlefront including Blast, Droid Run, and Walker Assault.  After a demoralizing defeat, I question whether I'll continue playing the game.

Hello Friends

Hello, friends.  It's been some time since I've addressed you so informally.  I apologize.  We should get together and hang out more.  I'll make the coffee if you bring the cookies.

For a little over a decade now, I've been putting the bulk of my creative content on the Internet.  From terrible prose to short stories to webcomics and now broadcasting games...I've dabbled in a lot.  While the bulk of what I do is to try and entertain others, I also do it for very selfish reasons.  I am a very introverted person.  That bothers me.  I see the great content that people like Scott Johnson, Tom Merritt, Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young, and so many others produce and it leaves me incredibly envious.  Not of their success, but that they can perform so well and so reliably.

I want to be like them in that I produce great content on a regular basis.  To help with that, I've been working on my Zero Lives broadcast.  It was originally a way to show the games I was playing and what I liked about them.  At first, I didn't even use a microphone.  I didn't plan on people really watching them.  But it turns out, there were a few of you that did watch.  And for whatever reason, the lot of you wanted to hear me talk.

That little bit of support meant the world to me.  But I still have to be selfish.  If I'm going to break out of this shell and do what I really want to, I have to keep making the show.  I have to embrace that discomfort and work past it.  Because that's the trick of it, I have a lot of fun once I get my mind off the fact I'm putting myself out there.  That is what is going to produce the best content, enjoying the work I do.

Now, I want to bring you more of that content.  For the past few weeks, I've been broadcasting on as part of the revival of Zero Lives.  Episodes are recorded every Monday and Wednesday at 8pm CST.  I've not asked for anything when it comes to my creative work.  But now, I'm asking for your help.  If you find any value in what I do, please consider becoming a Patron at  Anything you can contribute is immensely appreciated.  If you can't contribute anything, consider telling a friend about the show.

I say it's a therapeutic gaming podcast because it's just that for me, therapy.  I spend so much time stuck inside my own head, it's easy to get lost.  I've struggled with depression, suicidal tendencies, and all manner of other unpleasant business for nearly half my life now.  But this, this helps that.

Thank you for all of the support you've given me over the years.  This site, the content, it's what makes me come alive.  I look forward to bringing you more entertainment for a very long time to come.

Zero Lives - Episode 028: Bloodborne

It's finally here!  Bloodborne is amazing and I'm amazingly awful at it.  Watch my horrific and cheap tactics! On a side note, you'll have to forgive the poor quality.  I'm new to this whole PS4 thing and didn't set the broadcast quality correctly.  Also, there is no commentary for related reasons.

Zero Lives - Episode 025: Star Wars Battlefront

Tonight I start breaking down the different game modes listed within Battlefront.  The first offering is the phenomenal Heroes vs Villains.


Gratitude is mine for the way you taught me to shine
My brilliant muse, borne aloft with shimmering wings of love
You saw through the shadows and brought me into the light

Gratitude is mine for the way you taught me to sing
My melodious muse, dancing with an ethereal grace
My world was encased in a deafening silence until your voice found mine

Gratitude is mine for the way you taught me to love
My resplendent muse, healing all wounds with a salve of compassion and mercy
Life breathed into a heart whose dirge was sung long ago

Gratitude is mine for the way you taught me to live
My precious muse, whose very essence brought me back from the dead
Purpose given to a life once believed lost

Gratitude is mine

Zero Lives - Episode 24: Destiny

Tonight I explore a little bit more of what the warlock has to offer. I'm kind of in love with the class.

Zero Lives - Episode 23: Titanfall

Guns!  Big robots!  Frustration!

Zero Lives - Episode 22: Diablo III

I don't even like this game. Why am I playing it? Odds are there's a girl involved.

App Review: Writr

Publisher: Writr
Platform: Windows 8
Price: Free!

Journals.  We've all had them.  More often than not, they were cheap little things that got lost so frequently that having two or three on hand was mandatory.  We all know the real journals were the ones that had equally cheap locks on them to keep parents and siblings out.  A shame that lock never stopped mom's bobby pin.  As people grow, they typically grow out of keeping a journal, diary, log.  There simply isn't enough time to do it, you don't want to recap mundane events, or you just don't know what to write about.

The Halls of Valhalla

Another month and another prompt.  This prompt will be a link, because of spoilers.  So if you don't want to spoil the story, don't click the link.

“Who is that man there?” bellowed the giant as he sat.

“Keep your voice down, you damned fool!” hissed his smaller counterpart. 

Heroes of the Storm Wallpapers

I've whipped up some Heroes of the Storm wallpapers for your consumption.  All are 1920x1080.

(2016-03-15) Edit: Updated with additional heroes.

On Depression

Lately, I’ve been struggling with my depression.  Like some great beast, it swallows me whole without warning.  And when people try to cheer me up or get me to snap out of it, I’ve been responding with this picture.  I found it in the annals of the Internet and I’ve not found anything since that so accurately describes depression.

First Impressions: Destiny

After much waiting, and a very enticing price drop, I’ve finally acquired Destiny. Granted, it was for Xbox 360, so I’m not getting it in all its glory. But it’s hard to justify the cost of a new console for one game.  Unless that game is Bloodborne. But I digress.

Thus far, I’m only level 14 on my titan and have just opened up Mars. The reason I finally bought the game was solely due to the demo that’s available on Xbox Live. There was something refreshing about it.  From the quirkiness of Ghost to the way the Fallen induce fear into me, it served as a great break from MMOs. The combat was spot on and I needed something beyond GTA V to bring me back to a console.

All Hands In

The prompt for this month was "All Hands In".  I had a very hard time coming up with something for this.  
The storm outside raged and howled.  It was the deafening crack of thunder that woke me from my troubled slumber.  With the flash of violet light still painting the stone walls, I jolted upright in a panic.  Sweat dripped from my worried brow as I looked around the stark room, trying to remember where I was.  My shaking hand tugged at the soaked fabric of my shirt, absent-mindedly rubbing at the sore spot on my chest.  The salt-infused liquid seeped through bandages and into the ragged open wound on my palm.

The Party

(This month's writing prompt was this picture.)

Dusk came quickly on the coast.  In a few brief minutes, the brilliance of the sunset bathed the shores and the houses lining it in a golden radiance that rivaled Heaven itself.  Just as quickly, the awe-inspiring display of light would disappear with only the final dying embers of the sun dancing off the waves, reflecting for moments before being snuffed out by the twilight.  The salt-infused air of the sea mingled with the breeze carrying the waves inland to cool the cobblestones that had soaked up the warm rays of the sun a few scant hours prior. 

Release Calendar: March 2015

March 2nd
Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 (PC)

March 3rd
Screamride (Xbox 360, Xbox One)
OlliOlli 2 (PS4, PS Vita)
Lords of the Fallen: Ancient Labyrinth (PC, PS4, PS Vita)
Tallowmere (PC)
Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode 2 (PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

The Quick Brown Fox

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.  The fox bounds through the thicket and deeper into the safety of the lush forest.  His heart pounds in his furry chest and his muscles burn with exertion.  He can hear the baying of the hounds in the distance.  The pack rushes to catch up, but their bulk works against them here.  Digging deep and letting the primal need for survival take over, the fox pushes on, tearing up swathes of earth with each graceful stride.

The lazy dog bemoans the flash of brown and white as it darts overhead.  Laying in the meadow with the brilliance of the sun shining down was how she preferred to spend her days.  After the sheep and cattle were herded, the dog tended to slink away to her favorite place by the stream.  Seeing the fox dash by in such a rush only irritated her.  She wouldn't give chase, but only because a patch of grass under the shade of her favorite willow was calling her name.

The pack tore after the vermin with every bit of ferocity they could muster.  Their breath was ragged and the heat rolled off their short sweaty pelts.  Numbering a dozen strong, they ate as one, slept as one, and hunted as one.  Only in the chase did they feel a sense of purpose.  The shouts of the master atop his thundering horse behind them only encouraged them.  They would find the vermin even if it meant chasing him to the ends of the earth.

Stream of Consciousness

Shake off the cobwebs.  Just start writing.  Put the words on the blank screen.  Good lord, your typing is terrible.  Look at how the words want to flow in the beautifully fluid Word 2013, but your clumsy hands are all over the keyboard like a drunk on the street.  There we go; words on the screen.  Rusty gears moving and it’s coming easier.  Turn up the music and go with the flow.  Why aren't you listening to that?  It’s your jam. 

For the love of all that is holy, do I hate all music players right now.  From Xbox Music to iTunes, each is delightfully retarded in its own special way.  iTunes wants to convert my music to a unique format before it will list it all.  Honestly, how hard is it to just show the fucking MP3s?  And Xbox Music keeps shitting itself by not showing all of my music.  And it’s not like I have a lot of music.  I really don’t.  And half of what is shown is missing album art or gets sorted into the wrong album.  It’s like they try to help, but end up making things worse.  I swear, we’ll never have it as good as we did with Zune.

Jeez, only --- words.  Stop looking at the word count.  And definitely don’t look at the fact you haven’t posted anything of note since last October.  Never draw their attention to the lack of posts.  Stop it.  Now.  Nein.

Let’s talk about dicks.  Not the fun, floppy kind that’s hanging betwixt your legs.  No…the kind that plague online games.  Jesus man!  You have to segue into games?  From your lethargic posting to music players to dicks to games.  It’s painful.  Maybe I should differentiate the thoughts from the actual article.  But aren't they all thoughts?  You need a point to call it an article. You need arguments and backing points.  You need cohesive thought.

And you need to stop saying ‘you’.

I know that it’s not right to shift perspective like that unless you’re switching characters.  Even then, you need to have an established primary character to express thought in the first person while the supporting cast rambles about in third person.  I’m not terribly keen of diving into something that invested right now. 

So, it’s been a while.  How have you been?  Did the holidays treat you well?  Are you enjoying the snow?  I am.  I fucking love snow.  Which has me thinking.  When saying “I fucking love snow.” there is a clear emphasis on ‘fucking’ being the adjective and strongly establishing my love of the fluffy white stuff.  However, if I say “I love fucking snow.” ‘fucking’ immediately enters an ambiguous state between verb and adjective.  Do I really love the snow or do I just like fucking it? 
Which leads us back to dicks.

It’s so hard to write when a cat is trying to walk across the keyboard in an enthusiastic effort to get attention.  I need to figure out scaling on this laptop with an external monitor.  It’s all kinds of wonky and is throwing me off.  Not that I don’t throw myself off enough.  I miss having hair.  I don’t like looking like a crazed hobo.

Enough of that.  Hi.  Hello.  Konnichiwa.  Buenos dias.  Welcome to 2015.  Stay with me a bit.