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App Review: Writr

Writr Publisher: Writr Platform: Windows 8 Price: Free! Journals.  We've all had them.  More often than not, they were cheap little things that got lost so frequently that having two or three on hand was mandatory.  We all know the real journals were the ones that had equally cheap locks on them to keep parents and siblings out.  A shame that lock never stopped mom's bobby pin.  As people grow, they typically grow out of keeping a journal, diary, log.  There simply isn't enough time to do it, you don't want to recap mundane events, or you just don't know what to write about.

The Halls of Valhalla

Another month and another prompt.  This prompt will be a link, because of spoilers.  So if you don't want to spoil the story, don't click the link. PROMPT “Who is that man there?” bellowed the giant as he sat. “Keep your voice down, you damned fool!” hissed his smaller counterpart. 

Heroes of the Storm Wallpapers

I've whipped up some Heroes of the Storm wallpapers for your consumption.  All are 1920x1080. (2016-03-15) Edit: Updated with additional heroes.

Get Writing


On Depression

Lately, I’ve been struggling with my depression.  Like some great beast, it swallows me whole without warning.  And when people try to cheer me up or get me to snap out of it, I’ve been responding with this picture.  I found it in the annals of the Internet and I’ve not found anything since that so accurately describes depression.