App of the Week: Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Final Fantasy Record Keeper
Publisher: Square Enix, DeNA Corp.
Platform: Android, iOS
Price: Free!

I am a man of passions.  For as long as I can remember, I've been consumed with one passion and then the next.  One of my oldest passions, and the one that really got me into gaming was Final Fantasy.  The developer, Squaresoft, merged with a competitor, Enix, forming Square Enix.  It was around this time, that the quality of Final Fantasy games began to deteriorate.

Zero Lives - Episode 044: Her Hotness

In this episode, I talk more about streaming and recording issues and my plans for the future.  I also talk about my new found passion for automobile racing and Top Gear.  Wrapping things up, I discuss what it's like living with anxiety and how to cope with it.

GTA V: Parking

When crime doesn't pay the bills, you have to resort to other sources of income.  Like being a parking attendant.

Zero Lives - Episode 043: Resident Evil: Revelations 2

This is another make-up episode. The original recordings from 1/20 were corrupt due to streaming issues with Twitch. I cover the second half of episode one in Resident Evil Revelations 2. This looks to be the first proper RE game since RE 4.

App of the Week: DuoLingo

Publisher: DuoLingo, Inc.
Platform: iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 10, Android
Price: Free!

If you've been watching my show, Zero Lives, since the start of the year, you've heard me harp on self-improvement more than once.  One of the many ways that I'm trying to improve myself is by learning a new language.  While there are many options available to one trying to learn a new language, I've going to tell you about my favorite: DuoLingo.

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Beta

I had a chance to play the Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 beta.  I offer a glimpse into what I was able to play.

Games with Gold - Zheros

The second entry for January 2016 is Zheros.  A difficult beat-em-up with tight controls, brilliant art design, and a name I'm still not sure how to pronounce.

Zero Lives - Episode 042: Final Fantasy VIII

Part four in the FF VIII journey continues.  The gang meets up with Rinoa and the Timber Owls where they carry out a plan to kidnap the president of Dolet.  Along the way, I talk about having no shame in your interests and my recent experience with Android.

Zero Lives - Episode 041: Final Fantasy VIII

After a day of configuration, learning new software, and troubleshooting, I'm streaming from the PC.  To treat myself, I loaded up Final Fantasy VIII.  I also take some time to talk about my favorite games of 2015 and what I look forward to in 2016.  Enjoy!

Zero Lives - Episode 040: Change of Plans

On a very frustrating episode, I talk about David Bowie, Bayonetta, Titanfall, and accomplishing goals.

App of the Week: Rival Knights

Rival Knights
Publisher: Gameloft
Platform: Windows Phone, Windows 10, Android, iOS
Price: Free!

The hunt for a good app is an ever constant thing.  With so many of them lacking substantial content, lasting content, or being locked behind too many paywalls, it's easy and understandable to crave more.  It's that craving that has publishers like Gameloft pushing so many of their games.

Not skill. Pure luck.

As I've said before, I have a problem with launching off the ramps in GTA V.  I managed to get lucky in this instance.

New Artwork

I was called upon recently to create some concept art.  It's been some time since I drew anything.  I rather liked the way they came out.  The names have been removed, so please enjoy.

Buffalo Wild Wings–Big Jack Daddy Burger

Place: Buffalo Wild Wings
Location: Kenosha, WI
Ingredients: Hickory-smoked pulled pork, onion rings, cheddar jack cheese, signature honey BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, and red onion


I love unusual burger combinations.  So when I sauntered to to the table and saw this sumptuous concoction of beef, pulled pork, and onion rings…I knew I had to try it.  The short of it ended up being spectacular. 

Zero Lives - Episode 039: Smite

I get back into Smite, trying my hand at Joust and Conquest.  I suspect that while I like playing Neith, I'm much better suited for support with Aphrodite.  Time will tell.

Zero Lives - Episode 038: Smite

Adventures at Panda Express, Smite, Soul Calibur VI, and how to get out of a bout of depression.

GTA V - In the Hoop

This is why I can't win races in GTA V. I cannot hit the ramps straight, at all.

Games with Gold - Thief

The second Games with Gold title for December 2015 was Thief. I'm not good with stealth games and this video just goes to show that.

GTA V New Year's Day

It's a new year in GTA V, but we're up to our same old shit...except with snowballs.

Games with Gold - Killer Instinct

Every month, Microsoft releases a couple of games for free to Xbox Live subscribers. The first offering of January is Killer Instinct which includes the season one bundle. 

Zero Lives - Episode 037: Happy? New Year

Depression takes hold and everyone suffers for it.