Buffalo Wild Wings–Big Jack Daddy Burger

Place: Buffalo Wild Wings
Location: Kenosha, WI
Ingredients: Hickory-smoked pulled pork, onion rings, cheddar jack cheese, signature honey BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, and red onion


I love unusual burger combinations.  So when I sauntered to to the table and saw this sumptuous concoction of beef, pulled pork, and onion rings…I knew I had to try it.  The short of it ended up being spectacular. 

I’m not a fan of barbecue to start with.  Given the choice between barbecue and virtually anything else, I’m almost always side with anything else.  That being said, the barbecue pulled pork on this burger was a phenomenal topping.  It goes to show that pork doesn’t always have to take the form of bacon to make a good burger. 

What really surprised me most was how well the burger held together.  It was piled high with toppings and I had to stretch my already large mouth to fit the burger inside.  In most cases like this, the burger will tend to fall apart on the back end.  Some disastrously so.  But aside from some barbecue sauce and an errant onion, the whole thing held together. 

The burger itself was perfectly cooked and the seasoning was top-notch.  The only thing preventing it from taking the top spot on my list is that it wasn’t the right flavor combination.  For my first time at Buffalo Wild Wings, they made one hell of a first impression.

On the side:
Generic, lightly salted, and thinly-cut French fries.  Not terrible by any stretch of the imagination, but nothing to write home about.