Zero Lives - Episode 047: Anger

Sporting a snazzy new intro, I keep plugging away at Hand of Fate.

Review: Gurgamoth

Developer: Galvanic Games
Platform: Mac, PC
Price: $9.99
Release Date: February 16, 2016

If there is one thing that irks me more than any other about the current generation of games, it is the lack of local cooperative play.  It was something that began with the previous generation of games.  Slowly, but surely, more and more developers started cutting what was once a staple feature.  Now, you'll be extremely hard pressed to find a game that isn't made by Nintendo and supports a party of gamers sharing the same couch.

Games with Gold - Styx: Master of Shadows

The second offering for February's Games with Gold is Styx: Master of Shadows.  Yet another underwhelming stealth title.


The little lady and I sit down to try Galvanic Games' latest title, Gurgamoth.  It's a local multiplayer only battle royale that looks like Lovecraft for kids.  It is an absolute blast.  You should try it.

Red Robin - Tavern Double

Place: Red Robin
Location: Kenosha, WI
Ingredients: Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, tavern sauce

It was so hard to go with a burger besides the Royal at Red Robin.  Ever since I tried that gift from the heavens, it has been my absolute favorite.  Many have come close to dethroning it, but none have succeeded.

Zero Lives - Episode 046: Lackluster Fate

App of the Week: Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts
Publisher: Shifty Jelly
Platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Price: $3.99

Podcasts...they're great.  Ranging from the stereotypical morning shock jock format to a worldwide phenomena like Serial, there's something for everyone.  However, if you listen to a wide range of podcasts from multiple different networks or independents, it can be tricky finding an app to collect and play them all.  Enter Pocket Casts.

Zero Lives - Episode 045: Whacky Racers

In a return to form, I share the game that is getting me back into gaming.  In short, Forza 6 is brilliant.

Games with Gold - Hand of Fate

The first Games with Gold title for the Xbox One in February, 2016 is Hand of Fate.  It's a delightful mixture of cards, choose your own adventure, and action combat.

Fix It! Plantronics Gamescom 780/788

Take a look at those headphones.  Those are some primo 7.1 surround sound, noise cancelling, USB connecting, stylish black with red piping noise-makers that you can strap to your stylish self.  Couple them with a badass adjustable boom and you can talk to your friends too!

Now, let's assume you've been using this bitchin' headset for years, because you're an awesome individual.  Now, it's been a few years, so you may have upgraded to Windows 10 like all the other good little boys and girls.

As we continue on the imagination train with our suppositions and hypothesis's, let's pretend that for whatever reason (janky audio, driver corruption, wipe and reload, you were bored, you're a masochist), you have to reinstall the driver.