Red Robin - Tavern Double

Place: Red Robin
Location: Kenosha, WI
Ingredients: Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, tavern sauce

It was so hard to go with a burger besides the Royal at Red Robin.  Ever since I tried that gift from the heavens, it has been my absolute favorite.  Many have come close to dethroning it, but none have succeeded.

So, as I sat down in a familiar booth in a familiar restaurant, I was struck with a dilemma.  Do I get a burger that I know will be a surefire hit or do I try something new?  After all, I have yet to have a bad experience at Red Robin.  Where would the harm be in trying something different?  But conversely, why should I try something new when I know greatness can be mine?

What ultimately got me to try something new was the addition of the tavern burgers to the menu.  From there, I went with what seemed to be the entry level burger.  Again, it's so easy to get a burger like this right, but it's also very easy to screw up.

Let me tell you, Red Robin has hit it out of the park yet again!  This is the epitome of a classic burger.  The twin patties of beef were cooked to perfection and were sumptuously juicy.  Every bite only increased my desire for another.  Within minutes, the entire thing was gone.  Now, this would be a shame, but Red Robin does offer a larger size which I will definitely be trying the next time I'm there.  Otherwise, the standard size is ample enough for most anyone.

The one thing that had intrigued me about the tavern burger was the tavern sauce.  Anytime I try a specialty burger, I make sure not to add any extra sauces or condiments.  I eat it as they intended.  With this particular burger, I couldn't taste any sauces.  In fact, I could really only taste the delicious beef patties.  In addition to the larger burger, I'll have to ask for a side of the sauce next time so I can get an idea of what it is.

While the burger was phenomenal overall, there were a few bits of gristle to be found.  It wasn't enough to ruin the experience, but enough to make me take a pause while eating.

One the side:
Red Robin's signature bottomless fries.