App of the Week: Werewolf Tycoon

Werewolf Tycoon
Publisher: Joe Williamson
Platform: Android, iOS
Price: Free!

Mobile games were intended to be time killers. Something to play while waiting at the doctor's office or in the check-out line. Not many expected them to take off like they have or to impact the larger gaming industry to such an extent. Because of this, we see many games offering larger incentives to keep players coming back and spending more through micro-transactions.  It's a tried and true model. However, this leads to fewer and fewer games being simple enough for a quick play session.

Werewolf Tycoon is a delightful throwback to that idea and to the world of 16-bit consoles. The premise is simple. You're a werewolf in London, hiding in the bushes of a nondescript park. To keep yourself from starving, you must eat at least one hapless individual a night. As the nights progress, more people show up and make it harder to remain unseen. If you are caught, reporters will show up to take pictures and eventually armed forces appear to put you down for good.

The game lasts only as long as you want it. You might be able to go on an epic run and remain a deadly threat in the shadows. Or you could slaughter everyone you see without worrying about the consequences. It is absolutely perfect for any occasion and didn't devour my battery like many other titles (I played on a Nexus 5X).

The graphics are lovingly rendered in a style reminiscent of the 16-bit era. It definitely plays a huge nostalgia factor for me and throws me back into the days of my SNES and Genesis. There's only the one level, but it is so wonderfully detailed, it's all one needs for a game like this. Adding to the visuals is a perfectly matched retro-console bit-tune. It's creepy and adventurous all in the same breath.

If I had to choose a favorite of the classic monsters, I'm definitely torn between zombies and the werewolf. So I am a bit biased for a good werewolf themed game. That being said, since Werewolf Tycoon is free and is great despite that, you have no reason not to try it yourself.