App of the Week: CamScanner

Platform: Android, iOS
Price: Free!

While everyone is busy downloading the latest new game only to become bored of it within a week, we often forget how productive our phones can make us. While being productive may not be as fun, it is definitely more rewarding. Especially when you need to scan in a document and get it off right away so upper lower level mid-management will get off your back.

CamScanner is a light weight, robust, easy to use app that does that and so much more. CamScanner allows users to take photos of receipts, forms, invoices, business cards, etc. and turn them into editable text, PDF, or JPEG files (depending on the subscription level). The app will optimize the scanned item and allows users to further adjust levels until it is to their liking. From there, one can save the document, email it, fax it, or even secure it with a pass code.

My experience with it has been primarily taking photos to "scan" in the documents and creating PDFs for my personal records or sending them off to other departments at work. For the several hundred that I have done, I've not run into one issue or had an instance that left me wondering "what do I do now?"

I remember previous jobs that had me scanning in documents one at a time (policy) with the old Lexmark office unit and it would take hours. Had I known about CamScanner, it could have saved me all kinds of time. Not to mention all the countless records I keep personally. CamScanner has easily become one of my most used apps since I found it.