Brodie's Beef - Brodie Burger

Place: Brodie's Beef
Location: Delavan, WI
Ingredients: 1/3 lb beef patty, Merkt's cheddar cheese, fried egg

Who loves a good burger!? I do! Also, Keenan and Kel. Who provides a good burger!? Brodie's Beef...maybe...I don't know...I'm undecided.

Brodie's is a place I've only recently discovered. My first go around found an Italian Beef promptly and happily devoured. The third trip unveiled a gyro so drowned in cucumber sauce, that no lifeguard could save it and I had to leave it unfinished. But that was my bad. I had never tried cucumber sauce before. I didn't know that I wouldn't like it. I didn't know that it was common practice to waterboard an otherwise tasty sandwich with the devil's goo.

So, as I'm sure you've realized, I left out the item I got on my second visit. But, being the smart and attractive individual you are, you have realized it was their signature burger. And you know that whenever I try a new restaurant, I have two rules. Get the burger and if they have a one, get the signature burger.

Well, lo and behold, the signature burger has a fried egg. And we all know how much I like fried eggs on my burgers. The comparison ends there. On every other front, this burger is an affront to the god of burgers. At best, it's alright. If you've ever had egg on bread, imagine it with strong cheddar cheese and you know exactly what this burger tastes like. It's palatable, but there's really nothing special going on with it. Which is a shame. If you're going to have a signature burger, it better be able to knock the socks off your patrons.

Now, I will admit, my review may be a little biased. The wait time was absurdly long. I was there during lunch rush and there was only one hapless girl working the grill. Had the wait and my otherwise grueling morning not put me in a foul mood, I may have been more amicable.

On the side:
Bland, soggy fries.