Friday Night Smite - 12/30/2016

It's our last episode of the year! We have technical issues, new team mechanics, and salty winners in this episode!

App of the Week: Wifi Analyzer

Wifi Analyzer
Developer: farproc
Platform: Android
Price: Free!

Say you have a fancy new router for your home. Now, imagine your home isn't isolated the the woods or a corn field, but rather, is in a large apartment complex. Now, without getting too technical, do you know how a wireless network operates? How about what happens when you have a bunch of networks working in the same small area?

Epic Burger - Custom Burger

Place: Epic Burger
Location: Chicago, IL
Ingredients: Egg, bacon, lettuce, tomato, buttered and lightly toasted bun, Epic Sauce

When you're having a day out on the town, what better way to top it off than with a trip to a burger joint? Probably a pedicure, but that's another story. No, a burger was not in the plans that day. After several hours of enjoying all that aquatic life has to offer (including seeing a beluga poop!), the lady and I headed to the cafeteria at the Shedd, only to find it was closed (despite it being an hour before the actual aquarium closed). So, based on location, this left us with a few options. All of which were in the Loop and required some city driving .

App of the Week: Abyssrium

Developer: Idle Idea Factory
Platform: Android, iOS
Price: Free!

The mobile platform still confounds me when it comes to gaming. There aren't normal conventions like platformer, shooter, or RPG. Instead, there are idle clickers, endless runners, and match three games.

Now, these games may be entertaining, but for myself, that entertainment is short lived. At most, I only find myself playing a title for a few weeks. The ones I played longer were on my Windows Phone, and I believe a large part of that was because it was my first foray into the smart phone arena. Now that I am entrenched in the Android ecosystem, I find myself stumbling over an embarrassment of riches.

When I started writing these reviews, I wanted to cover apps that I enjoyed and would have no problem recommending to others. But, thanks to that previously mentioned embarrassment of riches, I'm coming across more and more garbage. So, I'm going to be falling back into old reviewing practices.

Olympic Restaurant - Olympic Burger

Place: Olympic Restaurant
Location: Lake Geneva, WI
Ingredients: 1/3 lb beef patty, sauteed onions, mushrooms, green peppers

I will admit. I am a flawed man. I have my biases. One of which is that each trip to the Olympic Restaurant in Lake Geneva ends with either a bad meal or...a bad meal. So, when the lady friend suggested this trip, I didn't expect much. The snow was coming down hard, I was already in an off mood, and it was late.