App of the Week: Light!

Developer: Youzu Stars
Platform: Android
Price: Free!

Relaxation is important. Being able to take a moment and let the world around you disappear while you collect your thoughts is critical. So much is demanded of us on a daily basis. From work to families to our entertainment itself. Many apps only reward daily diligence and demand players continually play to make any progress.

Light is different in that regard. Aside from four introductory levels, there is only one level to play in Light. The gameplay is just as simple. Controlling a ball of light, players must guide it around obstacles and through paths along an endless track. That's it. Taping the screen changes the direction of the light and provides all the necessary control for moving the small orb.

The visual design is very simple. Light uses basic polygons to render the world. It's beautiful in its minimalism. Just as soothing is the gentle melodies that play through the levels. In fact, the overall design reminds me a lot of Flow on the PSP. I'm not sure how much longevity Light has, but for a free title, it definitely has its perks.