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App of the Week: YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids Publisher: Google Platform: Android, iOS Price: Free! What did we do before the age of the Internet and television when it came to getting the kids out of our hair for a few hours? Was there ever a time when children played outside or ran off with friends to have adventures? Is it just me or are the little buggers born with touch-enabled devices attached to their little grabbers? Well, I suppose it doesn't much matter. It's the way of the future! Kids and tablets! Kids and phones! Kids and all the abhorrent things the Internet has to offer. I'll be the first to admit that my YouTube account curates some fairly screwy videos. As such, I wasn't inclined to let my toddler use it to watch videos of monster trucks, trains, and nursery rhymes. After all, who knows what will pop up on the auto play? On the flip side of that, going into YouTube without any account can be just as dangerous due to what is trending. As such, when it came time to binge watch

Zero Lives Ep. 066: Fable 2

It's time to delve into a bit of nostalgia with Fable II.

Friday Night Smite - 04/21/2017

4.7 has been announced! Ganesha has been revealed! 4.6 has been delayed again!

The Unwashed Asses 012: Praise Be Unto the Old Gods

Christian gets far too religious by talking about the old gods. Patreon: Opening song: Young Men Dead, The Black Angels Closing song: Disappearing Dark, Get Set Go

Tracer Triple Kill

I have never and will never play Tracer this well again.

App of the Week: Authentic Weather

Authentic Weather Publisher: House of van Schneider Platform: Android, iOS Price: Free! Since getting a smart phone, I've found the one thing I'm always on the hunt for is a decent weather app. I've tried so many that I've lost count and they all fall short in one way or another. Either they're too cluttered with information or they lack basic information or there are intrusive ads or the layout is just awful. It's too much. Just tell me the fucking weather and look good while you do it. Well, hello Authentic Weather. I didn't see you over there. AW is the most straight forward and sassy weather app I've had the pleasure of using. After finding your location, AW will give you a summary of the weather. As I write this, it says "It's fucking cloudy. You can look outside to get more information." It's very astute. Pulling down from the top gives a little more info about the forecast in addition to the temperature. It will displa

Luna Craft Tuesday: The KFC Special

I played guest host on Luna Craft! Check it out!

Zero Lives Ep. 065: Layers of Fear

I hate playing horror exploration games. It definitely shows in this play through. Fuck you, book guy! Patreon:

The Unwashed Asses 011: Video Games and Musicals

Christian talks musicals and video games. Patreon: Opening song: Young Men Dead, The Black Angels Closing song: Disappearing Dark, Get Set Go

Friday Night Smite - 04/14/2017

Patch 4.5 and the Celestial Voyage hit console, the gang embarks on a few quests, and get a few good matches in. Patreon:

Overwatch: Uprising

The Uprising event in Overwatch has gone live. I go over the new skins, emotes, and horde mode.

Friday Night Smite - 04/07/2017

4.5 is delayed again! 4.6 has been announced! The gang gets schooled in Starcraft!

Zero Lives - Ep. 064: Ryse Pt. 2

Hey there, stranger! Zero Lives has a new format on a new channel! Now, if only Ryse knew how to change it up every now and then.

The Unwashed Asses 010: Super Powers and Destiny

Christian talks about dying phones, stealing donuts, Destiny 2, and what would happen if he had super powers. Patreon: Opening song: Young Men Dead, The Black Angels Closing song: Disappearing Dark, Get Set Go